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NUR 122 Clinical Competencies

The student who successfully completes NUR 122 will be able to meet the criteria listed for the previous course as well as the following criteria:

Professional Behavior

  • interact with members of the interdisciplinary team in planning effective client care
  • participate in activities that promote professional growth and accountability
  • discuss ethical and legal implications for practice
  • describe ways the nurse performs as an advocate
  • attend all assigned clinical and simulation laboratory experiences

Nursing Process

  • demonstrate an organized and comprehensive approach to data collection
  • perform a head-to-toe assessment on assigned client
  • prioritize nursing diagnoses
  • independently write client goals following criteria
  • plan, implement, and evaluate basic individualized interventions
  • participate with interdisciplinary team members
  • include the family in the planning and implementation of care

Nursing Interventions

  • demonstrate nursing skills in NSL & clinical
  • administer medications (oral, topical, inhalation, subcutaneous, and intramuscular) safely
  • verbalize basic knowledge of all medications to be administered
  • discuss ways the nurse can control health care costs
  • calculate basic drug dosages correctly in the clinical setting
  • verbalize the following information about all medications to be administered:
    • specific rationale for administering medication
    • nursing implications and side effects
  • apply principles learned in NSL to the performance of nursing skills


  • identify principles of critical thinking
  • use the nursing process as a foundation for basic practice with an emphasis on prevalent health care problems
  • consider biopsychosocial factors when utilizing the nursing process
  • discuss ways the ADN promotes health
  • implement selected roles of the ADN with guidance
  • demonstrate theoretical knowledge with assistance in assessment planning and implementation of care


  • implement documentation principles in delivery of client care with supervision
  • identify client needs based on information from report
  • provide a comprehensive report to appropriate staff prior to leaving the clinical unit
  • notify responsible staff of changes in client condition
  • implement client/family teaching
  • practice therapeutic communication
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