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Clinical Dress Code

  1. Female student uniform includes clean, non-wrinkled uniform, full white socks covering the ankles, and clean white shoes. The uniform dress must be of an appropriate length, no higher than mid-knee and no lower than the ankle, and be worn with white hosiery. The uniform pants must reach the student’s ankle.
  2. Male student uniform includes clean, non-wrinkled, uniform, full white socks covering the ankles and clean white shoes.
  3. The VWCC Nursing patch is to be sewn two inches below the left shoulder seam on uniforms and lab coats.
  4. The VWCC student nurse badge with full legal name and title (VWCC Student Nurse) must be worn in all clinical areas and the Radford University Clinical Simulation Center (RU CSC). Name badges of affiliating agencies may be required. These must be worn only in the associated facility and are worn in addition to the school name badge, not in place of.
  5. When going to the hospital outside of clinical hours for pre-clinical, a white lab coat and VWCC name badge must be worn over appropriate attire. Appropriate dress must be professional looking and include the VWCC badge. The following may not be worn in any clinical setting at any time: denim of any color or style; clinging pants (leggings or stirrup pants); see-through fabrics (except on arms); T-shirts; sweatshirts or sweatpants; shorts; skorts; cropped pants; capris pants;  sundresses; low necklines; thin shoulder straps; backless shirts; baseball caps; tank tops; novelty clothing; short lengths on skirts or dresses; open-toed shoes or sandals.
  6. A VWCC lab coat may be worn when not providing direct client care. Sweaters or other light jackets are not acceptable.
  7. Students may wear a plain wedding band and one pair of small, plain, post earrings (one per earlobe); no exceptions. Dangling or hoop earrings are not acceptable. No other jewelry is permissible. Other visible, pierced body parts are not allowed in clinical.
  8. Tattoos are to be covered whenever feasible.
  9. Makeup must be light and unobtrusive.
  10. Every student is responsible for wearing a wristwatch with a second hand.
  11. Hair must be clean, off the collar, and styled conservatively.
  12. No hair ornaments are to be worn with the uniform. Plain barrettes and clips that match hair color may be worn.
  13. White shoes and laces must be clean and white hosiery must be free of runs. Full white socks must be worn with the pants uniform.
  14. Nails must be cut short. Nail polish and artificial nails are not permitted.
  15. Perfume, cologne, or aftershave lotion must not be worn in the clinical area.
  16. No smoking, consumption of alcoholic beverages, or use of smokeless tobacco is permitted while wearing student uniform, or lab coat in any location. Students are not allowed to wear the VWCC uniform into any establishment that could be viewed as unacceptable (bars, clubs, etc.).
  17. Students should be clean and well groomed at all times. Male students must be clean-shaven. A clean neatly trimmed beard or mustache may be permitted.
  18. All students must adhere to the student professional checklist.
  19. Students who do not adhere to the dress code will be rated unsatisfactory for clinical for that day and may be asked to leave the clinical site. An ICP will be completed.
  20. No gum chewing is allowed during Skills Lab, any clinical, pre-clinical, post-clinical or simulation experience.

While wearing the nursing student uniform students are expected to conduct themselves in a manner befitting the VWCC nursing program, the college and the profession of nursing. Students will be held accountable for their actions. Failure to comply will result in disciplinary action.

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