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Clinical Evaluation Policy

Evaluation of clinical performance is based on how the student meets the criteria for each of the five clinical competencies. Please refer to the list of clinical competencies for each core-nursing course. The student must demonstrate progression throughout the semester. The student may be rated a satisfactory (S) needs improvement (NI) or unsatisfactory (U) based on the syllabi for each course.

S   -  Indicates that the student has met the clinical competencies for the current week or semester

NI  -  Indicates that the student needs improvement on clinical competency for the week

U   -  Indicates that the clinical competency has not been met for the week

If a student demonstrates lack of progress in meeting the clinical competencies, an individualized clinical plan (ICP) will be developed by the faculty and reviewed with the student. A copy should go to the student and a copy should be kept with the instructor to be turned in with all paperwork at the end of the semester. If/when, an ICP is done; the nursing program head should be notified. ICPs' that are not satisfactorily resolved by the end of the semester will result in an unsatisfactory clinical evaluation and the student will not be able to proceed to the next semester.

A student who does not satisfactorily complete required clinical paperwork, or does not submit paperwork as required by the clinical instructor, will be placed on an ICP. The paperwork will still need to be submitted by the student. 

The student must pass the didactic component of the class by a 78% or higher and be satisfactory in both the clinical and skills lab components to progress to the next semester.

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