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Dental Hygiene :: Estimated Cost

This is provided as an estimate of some expenses that will be incurred by students upon entering and during the program. They are subject to change. The estimate is based on current standards, but cost increases cannot be predetermined. VWCC does not set other fees, only tuition. Details about many of these items are covered in the summer orientation for accepted students. In the last semester of the program, students taking the state clinical board exam will be required to travel to the exam site with a patient (an allowance has been included, but will vary depending on arrangements made by the student).

Tuition is estimated in the table below based off the following criteria. For more accurate information please visit the tuition rates and fees site.

(Tuition rates below are as of Fall 2016 and subject to change.)

Estimated In-State Tuition: $169.74 per credit hour 
Estimated Out-Of-State Tuition: $366.34 per credit hour

Item First Year Second Year Total
Tuition (In-State) $8,317.26 $3,904.02 $12,221.28
Books (Dental Hygiene only) 1,600.00 500.00 2,100.00
Instrument Kit (non-refundable) 1,700.00   1,700.00
Clinic Lab Supplies* 400.00 200.00 600.00
Magnification Loupe/Light* 1,295.00   1,295.00
Uniforms/Shoes 250.00 50.00 300.00
Physical/PPD Hepavax Vaccine 330.00 20.00 350.00
Criminal Background Check/Urine-Drug Screening 85.00 85.00 170.00
CPR (Healthcare Provider) 170.00   170.00
Malpractice Insurance (non-refundable) 45.00   45.00
SADHA dues 65.00 65.00 130.00
National Board Exam Fee   400.00 400.00
State Clinical Exam   1,200.00 1,200.00
Clinic Use Fee   100.00 100.00
Virginia License   210.00 210.00
TOTAL $14,257.26 $6,734.02 $20,991.28

* Some of the supplies needed for clinical activities include gloves, safety glasses, face masks, face shields, and disposable gowns. Students will be given specific details when these are needed. Loupe w/light is a visualization aid.

Note: Payment of tuition is on a semester by semester basis according to credit hours enrolled in. The total estimated tuition (in-state) is based on 72 credits. This does include the tuition for BIO 141-142 (8 credits) which are required prerequisites completed prior to the program. It does not include any costs for other prerequisites (such as Algebra I-II, Biology, and Chemistry) or developmental classes which may be needed prior to consideration for the program (varies by applicant).

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Program Head

Martha H. Sullivan
Administrative Officer for Dental Hygiene, Associate Professor

A.S. - University of Louisville, 1982
B.A. - Mary Baldwin College, 1998
M.S.H.A. - Virginia Commonwealth University, 2001

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