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I-47: Attendance Policy

Policy Number: I-47
Last Reviewed: June 12, 2019
Responsible Dept.: Vice President of Academic & Student Affairs

A signed copy of this policy is available in the President's Office.


The faculty of the college expects each student to participate in scheduled classes on a routine basis and to be punctual. Registration in a course presupposes that students will participate in scheduled classes and laboratory sessions.


Class attendance is expected of all students at Virginia Western Community College. If a student does not attend at least one class meeting or participate in an online learning class by the last day to drop with a tuition refund (census), his/her class registration will be administratively deleted. This means that there will be no record of the class or any letter grade on the student’s transcripts. Furthermore, the student’s class load will be reduced by the course credits, and this may affect his/her full-time or part-time student status. Tuition will not be refunded.

If a student is dropped from a course before the last day to add a class, the student may continue to attend class while the situation is resolved. If the student is not on the roster after the last day to add the class, the student may not remain in the class. Instructors should check SIS class rosters daily during the drop/add period.

If a student is on the roster and withdraws prior to the withdrawal deadline, but after the last day to drop for a tuition refund (census), that student may continue to attend the class through the end of the semester at the discretion of the instructor.

When absence from a class becomes necessary, it is the responsibility of the student to inform the instructor prior to the absence. The policy on attendance and make-up examinations is the prerogative of each instructor. Instructors will provide students with a statement of their attendance policy during the first class meeting and in the course syllabus.

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