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Energy Medicine: The Ancient Art of Healing and Current Trends

If someone told you that you could have a therapy that has no side effects, is non-invasive and can improve the quality of your life, reduce pain and other stress-related symptoms – what would you say? Start your journey with Lin and Barbara – learn the science and benefits of a balanced energy system. This course is designed for all those who wish to understand and activate body energy for personal health and wellbeing. In it you will gain insight into the ancient methods of healing and how they still relate to your health today, learn how to detect areas of weakness or obstruction and how to re-balance your energy flow. Learn how these methods can be personalized for your particular needs.

"In every culture and every medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy" Albert Szent-Gyorgyi – Nobel Laureate in Medicine.
"The next big frontier in medicine is energy medicine" Mehmet Oz M.D.

Learn about the science behind energy medicine and what scientists have learned about the energy field. Understand the differences and similarities between traditional medical practices and energy medicine; how they can work together and what is causing the controversy.

Get past 'stuck' and on to an intentional life that will continually reap benefits – professionally and personally. Begin the journey that can change your life course through lecture, visuals, and experientials: mindfulness, meditations, energy testing, Chakra balancing and other activities.

Now is everything. Now is the perfect time to begin...

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Ophthalmic Assistant

An Ophthalmic Assistant is a person who works with an Ophthalmologist or Optometrist to provide patient care by performing many different eye related clinical functions. Their work provides the ophthalmologist/optometrist with important information to help diagnose and treat patients. This training will provide the technical information in the classroom to secure a job as an Ophthalmic Assistant. Some basic "hands on" skills with equipment will also be covered.

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Pharmacy Technician

As a Pharmacy Technician you will help the pharmacist package or mix prescriptions, maintain client records, refer clients to the pharmacist for counseling, assist with inventory control and purchasing, as well as collect payment and coordinate billing. This course consists of 80 hours of classroom instruction. Upon successful completion graduates will be eligible to apply for registration as a Pharmacy Technician in Virginia and be prepared to take the national Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) exam.

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Nursing Courses

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