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LLRN 2700 Sewing/Construction & Pattern Drafting Description

Each semester will consist of 6 sessions, one per week for 6 consecutive weeks on THURSDAYS

Mornings: 10:00 A.M. to 1:00 P.M.
Evenings: 6:00 P.M. to 9:00P.M.

Fee: $420.00

Here's your opportunity to learn sewing skills and specialized techniques used by top European and domestic designers from an industry expert. Eric Stiles, a former supervisor and head tailor and fitter for Giorgio Armani, Polo Ralph Lauren, and many others, has more than 35 years of professional experience.

He's been teaching his online fashion design courses at more than 40 colleges in the U.S. and Canada and now brings his most popular class live to Virginia Western Community College, Roanoke, VA from Chicago, IL.

You will have the opportunity to learn and continue learning specialized skills and techniques from an industry expert. Beginners, intermediate, and experienced sewers alike take this hands-on, intensive course to learn how to sew, make patterns, and advance in skill.

You can learn some of the special techniques that the top European and domestic designers use in their clothing construction, fitting, pressing and much more. Stop making Home-Made Looking Clothing, learn how to make them like the professionals.

You will begin with machine stitch drills for practice. Then you will start marking and cutting your muslin and denim fabric. The fabric pieces will be used to construct seams, two hand stitch pads and the making of four watch pockets.

You will learn how to use a thimble and needle properly. The thimble, needle and wax tailor’s chalk will be provided free by the instructor. Mr. Stiles will show you the 3 different hand stitches you will learn and put on your 2 stitch pads using glazed basting cotton thread. The 3 hand stitches are the Overcast, Baste, and Halfback.

You will learn how to use a tailor's quarter size square and to draft a professional quarter scale skirt pattern. Learn the formula used to draft a skirt pattern from beginning to end for Ready-To-Wear and Custom clothes. Stop wasting time and money on commercial patterns. Let us teach you to make your own, and start designing a line of clothing that will fit and enhance your body. Product and Development, a procedure used to help designers improve and complete their patterns, will also be taught.

Our pattern drafting formulas are used by all of the top European and domestic designers. You will start by drafting the pattern in the quarter scale and continue in the next semester with creating the full scale skirt pattern and the sample garment.

The sample garment is created to test your pattern, after you have made it in the full scale. In the next semester of classes, you will also learn 3 additional garment pockets. (quarter top, half top and the side pocket).

No sewing experience is required.

Each semester will consist of six sessions, one per week for six weeks on Thursdays. Tuition $420, (sessions are 3 hours each)


Class Dates:
May 29
June 5
June 12
June 19
July 26
July 10
(No class July 3, 2014)

Students will need to bring their sewing machine to class.
Supplies are required and not included in the class tuition.
Supply list will be provided before the first day of class.
No supplies are purchased from the instructor.
No prerequisites required.

You will have the option of continuing with more advanced classes which will allow you to further enhance and develop your technique and skills. Your instructor will explain how you can continue with these classes.

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