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Whitman Theater

Whitman Theater is a 270 seat theater and can be rented by the public. A dressing room (doubles as a classroom) is also available as a separate rental. Please contact Tara Nepper, Events Planning and Scheduling Coordinator, at 857-6492 or by email to confirm availably of this facility for your use.


Rental information is available in the Campus Facilities Rental Policy. Please be aware that most use of equipment in the theater requires the contract and payment of a VWCC “Technician Services” at an additional fee. Contact Tara Nepper for further assistance.

Equipment and Technical Specifications

All equipment subject to change without notice

Sound system is sufficient for effective reinforcement of most instrumental and vocal performances at comfortable listening levels. System may not be sufficient for some louder performances.

  • Sound Console - Yamaha LS9-16
  • AVIOM digital snake
  • 2 channel 31 band EQ - with feedback control
  • Effects/Processors - serviced by Yamaha LS9
  • Numark Dual CD
  • Mics & Mic stands - Varied wired & wireless (ask what is available before event)
  • Wedge Monitors - 3 Mackie SR450
  • JBL AM4315/95 Left / Right
  • Crowne CDI Amplifiers

Video & Instructional Podium

  • Video Projector - Christie LX4000
  • Spectrum Media Lectern
    • PC Computer
    • Sony SLV-D350 DVD/VCR
    • Elmo HV-5100 Document Camera
    • Connection for external laptop
    • Wireless lavaliere microphone
    • Podium microphone
    • 10' x 10' (est.) screen

Movie System

  • Christie DHD700 projector
  • 11' x 20' (est.) screen
  • Oppo BDP-83 BlueRay player
  • 7.1 surround sound
    • JBL AM4315/95 Left/Center/Right
    • JBL ASB6118 Subwoofer
    • JBL 8350 Surrounds
    • Crowne CDI amplifiers


  • Clearcom 2 channel Intercom Connects stage, booth, shop, dressing room, and the catwalk
  • Overall Dimensions - 32' 8" deep x 72' wide (wings included, though they are rather crowded at this time)
  • Acting Area - Cyc to Plaster Line - 22'
  • Cyc to DS edge of apron at Center Line - 30' (Note: DS edge of stage is curved)
  • Adjustable legs, width 35' to 40'
  • Proscenium Opening - 37' 7" wide x 14' 3" high
  • Floor to bottom of borders - 11' 2"
  • Floor to Light Pipes - 13' 4"
  • Floor to pipe gride - 16' 4"

No flies. No traps. No crossover. Sorry.


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