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Student Life

Student ID Cards

Student I.D. cards may be obtained through the Student Activities Office, Student Life Center S307 during scheduled office hours. Cards are issued at the beginning of each semester and are validated with a sticker for each subsequent semester. Office hours are posted around campus at the beginning of each semester.

I.D. Cards are issued each semester and are valid during the remainder of a student's enrollment. Students who register and pay for one or more credits are eligible to receive a VWCC Student ID Card. Other staff and faculty members are eligible upon proof of status with the college. The first card is issued free of charge to all students, staff and faculty. ID cards will identify the individual by name and will bear a photo and a semester validation sticker, in the case of students and part-time employees.

Each semester, the student and part-time employees must visit the ID Card Office to receive a current semester validation sticker. The sticker will be placed on the current ID Card. This sticker verifies current enrollment or employment. Without this sticker, the card is invalid. There will be a $5 replacement fee for any lost or stolen cards. The fee should be paid to the Cashier's Office in Chapman Hall. The receipt should be brought to the Student ID Office to show proof of payment before a replacement card will be issued. Students may retake a photo at this time, if needed. Damaged cards will be reissued at the discretion of the Student Activities Coordinator. The detailed ID card policy can be obtained from the Student Activities Office, Student Life Cente S307.

Before issuing a new card, students must show proof of identification through a government issued photo ID (Driver's License, State ID, Passport, Military ID, etc.). Students without a valid photo ID must work with the Student Activities Coordinator to find alternative identification.

Returning students must validate their Student ID card each semester with an enrollment sticker. These are available in the Student ID office during open hours each semester. Returning students who have had a gap in enrollment must still use the first card issued and are subject to the replacement policy.

The Student ID card is not transferable to another person. Students may be subject to disciplinary action for – lending a Student ID card to someone else, possessing more than one Student ID, and attempting to use a card of another individual.

Student ID Card Open Office Hours will be posted and distributed prior to the beginning of each semester. After Open Hours, the Student ID Office will only be open by appointment.

Did you know, that with a valid student I.D. you can ride the bus for free? Click Here for more information.

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