Recording Attendance in SAILS


Before you will be able to record attendance for a class section, you will need to create the class meeting schedule for the section. Make sure you have the desired Course Section selected in the Filter Students By before clicking the Class Schedule button

Set Up a Class Meeting Schedule

  1. Sign in to MyVWCC by clicking on the Login to MyVWCC link on the left of this screen or the MyVWCC link on the Virginia Western homepage.
  2. Click SAILS.
  3. Click the Attendance tab.
  4. Under "Filter Students By", select the term and course section of the class you would like to review.

    Choose Term and Course Section
  5. Click the Class Schedule button.

    Class Schedule Button

    Note: If you created some attendance records for a course section before March 2015, that data will be available. But you will not be able to record additional attendance without setting up a Class Schedule. To edit previously entered attendance, you must include the days you wish to update in your Class Schedule.

    If you click the Record Attendance button for a section that does not yet have a class schedule set, you will be prompted to create the class schedule.
  6. Select the days and enter the start and end time for the class meeting.

    Select Days and Time

    If the class meets at different times on different days, use the Add Schedule button to add an additional day/time combination.
  7. Click the Submit button after you have entered your schedule information

Record or Update Attendance

If you have the ability to record attendance, you can reach the Record Attendance page by clicking the Record Attendance button on the Attendance tab within the Students area.

If you have never recorded attendance for this class before, you will be prompted to create the class schedule as described above.

  1. Select a Course from the drop down presented (if you had already filtered to a specific section that section will be populated).
  2. Select the Meeting Time from the drop down list (options are based on the class schedule you created).

    Select Meeting Time

    The class roster for the course and meeting time selected will be presented defaulting each student in the roster to a status of present.

    Note: if you select a meeting time for which attendance data has been recorded previously, the message "This is an existing record!" will appear above the student roster.

    Record Exists
  3. Click the radio button associated with the desired status for each student for the date selected. As you make your selections, the statuses you mark will appear in a list to the right of the selection panel.
  4. When you are satisfied with your selections, click the Submit button to save the attendance for your selected date, or click the Never Mind button to exit without adding or updating attendance for the selected date.

Record Attendance for a Different Meeting Time

  1. To record attendance for a meeting time that is not part of your class meeting schedule, click the Add Session button to the right of the Meeting Times drop down. This opens a dialog box prepopulated with today's date.

    Add Session
  2. Update the date and add the time then click the Submit button to add this class meeting to your drop down list of Meeting Times.

    New Meeting Time

Clear Attendance Data Previously Saved

As described above, you can return to a previous set of attendance data by simply selecting the desired instance from the Meeting Times drop down and then updating statuses and clicking Submit. (Note that attendance data added prior to May 2015 will be accessible to edit only if your class meeting schedule or an added session match the date used when entering the original session).

In addition to updating the individual statuses you can modify attendance data using three distinct clear options:

Clear Session

Use the Clear Session button to remove all previously recorded information for the class meeting selected. You will need to click the Submit button to save this change, but once submitted, there will no longer be any attendance data for the session. This option only appears if there is previously saved attendance data for the date selected. This option effectively removes any indication that attendance was taken on the day/time selected.

Clear Session

Clear All Absences

Use the Clear All Absences link to reset all statuses to Present for the selected class meeting time. You will need to click the Submit button to save this change. If you Submit without making any additional changes after selecting Clear All Absences, all students on the roster would have an attendance record of present for the class meeting selected (in contrast to clear session described above which removes any attendance data from the system).

Clear All Absences

Clear One Student's Status

Use the red circle with an X inside it associated with any student's status to reset just that student's record to Present for the selected class meeting. Remember to click Submit to save any changes.