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Strategies, Goals & Objectives Task Force Icon Strategies, Goals & Objectives
Task Force

Activated June 2007

The Strategies, Goals & Objectives Task Force will review current goals and objectives and draft a list of suggested strategic issues, goals and objectives for Virginia Western.

Members include Kim Gregory, Marilyn Herbert-Ashton (Chair), Kristi Kirby, Jenifer Kurtz, Heidi McClintic, Maggie McDaniel, Karen Rayl, Jamie Spradlin, Laura Leigh Stevens, Allen Trigger, David Webb, and Diane Wolff.

PDF Icon Strategic Planning Goals

Forms, Instructions &
Supporting Documentation

PDF Icon Unit/Division Action Plan - Template (Biennial Cycle FY08-09 / FY09-10)


While using the form to develop objectives, users are asked to:

1.  DOWNLOAD the form and input data electronically;
2.  PRINT a copy of the completed objective/action plan for retention;
3.  SAVE the completed objective/action plan as a unique file name;
4.  CLEAR the form before proceeding to the next objective.

It is anticipated that the process will eventually be conducted online, but unit/division action plans will be submitted as email attachments in the interim.

PDF Icon Unit/Division Action Plan - Guidelines
PDF Icon Unit/Division Action Plan
- Sample Action Plan
PDF Icon Submission Guidelines & Time Parameters
PDF Icon Supervisor Roundtable Discussion, November 7-8, 2008
.... PowerPoint presentation providing directions on developing Action Plans
IE Icon Pay Bands
to assist with salary projections for Action Plans
PDF Icon
Designated Users for Adobe Acrobat 8 Installation
.... Contact Dr. Mark Emick at x76640 to be added as a designated user


PDF Icon 07.11.07
PDF Icon 09.05.07

PDF Icon 04.18-19.07 Minutes
PDF Icon 04.18-19.07 PowerPoint

Your insight and participation are welcome!

You are invited to share feedback, input and suggestions
by contacting the Communications Task Force at

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If you are interested in volunteering or chairing
any of these task forces, please contact Marilyn Herbert-Ashton,
Strategic Planning Council Chair,

at 857-6372 or

If you would like to attend any of these meetings as a guest,
please contact Dori Cawley, Administrative & Office Specialist,

at 857-6637 or


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