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The Planning Council will review and execute the timeline for the strategic planning initiative and develop a planning structure to guide the overall process.  Representing a wider range of campus constituencies, the Planning Council will establish communication protocol, monitor the work of ad hoc task forces and review their related reports and recommendations. 
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The Planning Council will review and analyze the results of the Data Gathering and Situational/Needs (DGSN) Analysis, which is intended to be a representation of where Virginia Western stands today (its strengths, challenges and opportunities) and the major global, societal and higher education trends that are likely to impact the College's future. The Planning Council will appoint an ad hoc task force to revise and develop the Institution’s vision, mission and values statements while employing the results of both the DGSN analysis and internal/ external feedback focus group gatherings.  This feedback will play a critical role in arriving at campus-wide consensus on strategic priorities. Using all of the above input, the Planning Council will create a planning framework that will become the blueprint for developing individual unit, departmental and College-wide plans.  Individual areas will begin to develop their plans to support the College’s strategic priorities. (Some units may collaborate in developing plans for those priorities that cross unit boundaries.)  All plans will then be reviewed and evaluated by the Planning Council and Steering Team, resulting in the development of overall College priorities that are based on the separate plans and budget considerations, and their impact upon the strategic priorities. 

The Planning Council will create the formal College-wide Strategic Plan, which will be a compilation of the major points in the Situational/Needs Analysis; the Vision, Mission and Values; the strategic priorities and individual unit plans.

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