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Data Analysis Task Force Data Analysis
Task Force

Activated May 2007

The Data Analysis Task Force is responsible for reviewing the qualitative and quantitative data, from both internal and external sources, and drafting the Situational/Needs Analysis for the Institution.

Members include Layne Compton (former member), Lorry Conklin, Gary Dent, Dennis Frye, Mike Henderson, Marilyn Herbert-Ashton (Chair), Rachelle Koudelik-Jones, Judy Lienhardt, Tara Nepper, Avis Quinn, Walter Sabin, and Kevin Witter.

PDF Icon Key Current & Emerging Issues that Impact Virginia Western
PDF Icon Situational/Needs Analysis (Draft 10.05.07)
PDF Icon Strengths-Weaknesses-Opportunities-Threats (SWOT) Analysis

PDF Icon  05.16.07
PDF Icon  06.20.07

PDF Icon 04.18-19-07 Minutes
PDF Icon 04.18-19.07 PowerPoint

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