Student Services

Services for Veterans

Virginia Western welcomes active duty military, veterans and family members. Thank you or your relative for your service to our nation!

Services on campus include:

Financial Aid for Military and Veterans
Veterans Certifying Official: Michele Hilts
857-7395 | | Located in Chapman Hall

Peer to Peer Support
Veterans helping veterans, military and/or family members adjust to college whether first time student or returning as an adult learner. Contact Sheri Meixner for available veteran Peer.
857-6711 | | Located in Chapman Hall

Advising and Retention
Advisors are available to assist veterans with course selections and guidance regarding course of study. Located in Chapman Hall. Walk-in Monday through Friday

The Academic Link provides assistance to students who need additional support in course work. Contact: Linda Whitlock
857-6442 | | Located in Brown Library

REACH/Student Support Services
Provides counseling, advising, and instructional support services. Eligible veterans must be either a first-generation college student and meet low-income guidelines, or have a documented disability (physical, psychological, or learning).
Contact: 857-7286 | Located in Webber Hall

Support and Referrals
Should you need additional support or have questions you need answered there is a licensed Counselor on campus to assist you as needed.
Contact: Sheri Meixner | 857-6711 |

Armed Forces Student Association
Contact: Natasha Lee, Student Activities Coordinator
540-857-6326 |

SALUTE - Service, Academics, Leadership, Unity, Tribute, Excellence
The National Honor Society for veterans and active duty military students.
National web site:
Contact: Natasha Lee, Student Activities Coordinator
540-857-6326 |

Veterans Assistance Fund


VWCC Alerts

We use VW Alert to immediately contact you during a major crisis or emergency.

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