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Student Testing Policies

Students who plan to take tests in the Testing Center should familiarize themselves with the following policies.

Student Responsibilities

  • Tests will be turned in when the Center closes. The Testing Center will not give out tests in the last half hour of testing to ensure that there is enough time for the student to complete the test in one sitting. However, ultimately, students are responsible for determining the amount of time required to take a test.
  • Tests will not be given back to a student to work on a second time without permission from the instructor.
  • Students taking tests are responsible for knowing their course name and number, test number, and also the instructor's name.
  • Students will provide a picture identification prior to taking an exam.
  • Students will sign in and out on the appropriate sign-in sheet.
  • Students will be responsible for leaving book bags and notes in the designated area.
  • Students are responsible for bringing #2 pencils and clean paper.
  • Students must turn off cell phones.

Academic Integrity

  • When testing, students will abide by Virginia Western's honor code; the honor code is posted outside the testing room.
  • During testing, the Testing Center staff will be responsible for maintaining the integrity of the testing environment.
  • If there is a violation, the Testing Center will report the violator and any materials related to the violation to the faculty member.
  • After the report has been made, the faculty member will be responsible for enforcing school policies.

Academic Dishonesty

Virginia Western's honor code states that students shall refrain from behaving in a dishonest manner. Dishonesty includes acts of cheating, stealing, and plagiarism. Violations of this policy could result in disciplinary action. For more information regarding Virginia Western's policy on academic dishonesty, read the policy.


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