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Math Center

The Academic LinkThe Math Center is a walk-in service where Virginia Western students can get immediate, individual assistance for most VWCC math and some science courses on a first-come, first-served basis. Math Center Consultants will also assist students in preparing for the math placement test.

Students requesting Math Center assistance will be asked to complete a Technology Assessment form at the beginning of each semester and must sign the log each day they come in for assistance. Instructors will be notified whenever a student visits the Math Center.

Tips for Getting the Most from Your Math Center Visit

  • Come prepared with the assignment, your textbook, and the tools (computer, calculator, pencil, paper, etc.) that you’ll need for your work. While Consultants do have access to some of these materials, it’s your responsibility to provide these for yourself.
  • Attempt to complete your assignments yourself before asking the Math Center Consultants for assistance.
  • Identify areas where you need assistance or prepare some questions prior to coming to the Math Center.
  • Don’t ask Consultants for help with take-home tests, quizzes, graded homework assignments, or graded study reviews unless your instructor explicitly allows you to and states that prominently on the assignment. You are responsible for your personal academic honesty.
  • Feel free to stay in the vicinity of the Math Center Consultants while you study on your own and ask occasional questions, but please leave the main tables available for students who are actively seeking assistance.

Hours Of Operation

Please refer to Hours of Operation on our main page.