Student Handbook

Tuition & Financial Policies


Student tuition is paid on a credit-hour basis. The typical full-time academic load is between 15-17 credits. Payment of tuition enables the student to use the Bookstore and other facilities of the college. The State Board approves all tuition and fees for community colleges and has the authority to change any and all tuition and fees without prior notice. Current Tuition Rates are available on Virginia Western's website.

Tuition Refunds

Students shall be eligible for a refund for those credit hours officially dropped during the drop period for refunds for the session. The refund will be at the full credit rate for those credits dropped. After the drop period for the session has passed, there will be no refund unless there is a documented extreme, mitigating circumstance which could provide an exception to the policy.

Students may drop a class online at Students may also drop in person during the refund/drop period by submitting an add/drop form to the Admissions Office. The refund/drop deadline for regular session classes is published online and in this handbook's Academic Calendar. The refund/drop deadline for all other session classes is available by calling 540-857-7231. If the refund/drop deadline for a class falls on a non-business day and the student prefers to drop the class in person, the drop must be submitted to the Admissions Office during normal operating hours prior to the refund/drop deadline. For hours of operation, call 857-7231. Most refunds are processed after the last day to drop, and it normally takes 2-4 weeks for refunds to be processed through the state treasurer in Richmond. Refunds are mailed directly to the student.

Eligibility for In-State Tuition

For purposes of in-state tuition, a Virginia resident is defined by state law as one who has lived in Virginia, with the intent to remain a Virginian, for a period of at least one year prior to the beginning of the term for which he/she is enrolling. The burden of proving eligibility for in-state tuition rates rests with the applicant. All applicants to the college who claim entitlement to Virginia in-state tuition rates must complete the domiciliary items included with the application form and provide documentation.

For more information, please see the College Catalog.

Books and Materials

Students are expected to obtain their own books, supplies, and consumable materials needed in their studies. Cost can vary with the curriculum and is subject to change since it is based on publishers' and suppliers' listed prices.

Textbooks and supplies can be charged to your financial aid through the drop/add period. To utilize this option in the bookstore, you must be enrolled for at least 6 credits.

Bookstore Refunds

The Bookstore Managers are the only authorized persons who can accept books for return. Books returned for refund are subject to inspection and must be in mint condition. If the books were purchased with shrink-wrap, the books must still be in the unopened original wrap with no markings or other damage. The book must be presented to a Bookstore Manager within the first two weeks of fall or spring semester to receive a refund. The return period for summer semester is the first week. Refunds or credits are made according to original payment. No refunds or exchanges can be issued without a valid receipt. All software and computer sales are final.

Suspension of Student for Nonpayment

A student's continued attendance at the college is dependent upon proper settlement of all debts owed the institution. Should the student fail to satisfy all due and payable amounts for tuition and fees, college loans, college fines, or other debts owed the college, the student may be suspended. If suspended, the student will not be allowed to register in any succeeding semester until all current debts owed to the college have been satisfied.

Students who damage or lose school property will be expected to pay charges for such losses.

No transcripts, certificates, diplomas, or degrees will be issued, nor will students be permitted to complete registration, until accounts are satisfied with the Business Office, Bookstore, Library and other college offices as appropriate.