Student Handbook

Campus Directory

Use this quick reference guide to find out what campus office to call or visit!

Office Phone Location
Advising and Transfer Information 857-7237 Chapman Hall, Room 105
Alumni Association 857-6962 Fishburn Hall, Room 214
Arboretum and Gardens 857-6388  
Art Gallery 857-7271 Humanities Building, Room 212
Books and Supplies 857-7334 Bookstore, Craig Hall
Campus Police 857-7979 College Services Building
Career Center 857-7298 Thomas Center, Room 202
Cashier 857-7201 Chapman Hall, Room 104
Class Schedules 857-7231 Admissions, Chapman Hall, Room 108
Clubs and Organizations 857-6326 Thomas Center, Room 210
College Catalog 857-7201 Cashier, Chapman Hall, Room 104
Course Change (Add/Drop) 857-7231 Available on SIS; Admissions, Chapman Hall, Room 108
Dental Hygiene Clinic 857-7221 Center for Science and Health Professions
eLearning & Instructional Technology 857-6202 Business Science Building, Third Floor
Educational Foundation 857-7312 Fishburn Hall, Room 214
Emergency 857-7979 or 911 Campus Police
Federal Work-Study 857-7331 Financial Aid Office, Chapman Hall, Room 106
Financial Aid 857-7331 Chapman Hall, Room 106
Graduation Application   See Your Faculty Advisor
Health Insurance Information 857-6326 Thomas Center, Second Floor
Help Desk 857-7354 Business Science Building, Room 273
Honors Institute 857-6240 Duncan Hall, Room 215
ID Cards 857-7958 Thomas Center, Second Floor
Intervention Counselor 857-6711 Chapman Hall
Learning Technology Center 857-7250 Math Center, Writing Center, Testing, Tutoring
Brown Library, Room 011
Library 857-7303 Brown Library
Lost and Found 857-7979 Campus Police, College Services Building
Math Center 857-7250 Learning Technology Center, Brown Library
NOVA Liason - Distance Learning 857-6418 Business Science Building, Room 313
Parking Fines   Cashier's Office, Chapman Hall, Room 104
Payroll 857-6634 Fishburn Hall, Room 007
President's Office 857-7311 Fishburn Hall, Room 115
REACH (Student Support Services) 857-7286 Webber Hall, Room 212
Records 857-7236 Chapman Hall, Room 107
Scholarships 857-7312 Educational Foundation, Fishburn Hall, Room 214
School of Business, Technology and Trades 857-7272 Webber Hall, Room 305
School of Health Professions 857-6019 Center for Science and Health Professions
School of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences 857-7271 Humanities Building, Room 111
School of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics 857-7273 Anderson Hall, Room 114/118
Student Activities 857-6326 Thomas Center, Room 210
Student Services Dean's Office 857-6348 Chapman Hall, Room 102
Students with Disabilities 857-7286 Student Support Services, Webber Hall, Room 212
TTY (800) 855-2880
Transcripts 857-7236 Records Office, Chapman Hall, Room 107
Tutoring Center 857-6442 Learning Technology Center, Brown Library, Room 010
Veterans' Information 857-7395 Financial Aid Office, Chapman Hall, Room 106
Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs 857-7313 Fishburn Hall, Room 125
Workforce Development Services 857-6076 Thomas Center, Room 105
Writing Center 857-7250 Learning Technology Center, Brown Library