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Accommodations must be requested prior to the date needed. While the college will try to honor all requests, accommodations must be requested in a reasonable amount of time for processing or the accommodation may not be ready on the date needed.

To Request Accomodations

  1. Make an appointment to meet with a counselor/advisor in Disability Services.
  2. Complete a Disability Disclosure.
  3. Complete an Accommodation Request. Provide appropriate documentation to Disability Services.
  4. Obtain from Disability Services your Accommodation Access Plan of approved accommodations each semester. Be aware of the date your Accommodation Access Plan expires.

Follow the procedures below for classroom accommodations.

Classroom Accommodations

Classroom accommodations must be arranged with the faculty member in a reasonable amount of time to meet, discuss accommodations, and allow for implementation. If classroom accommodations are not requested in a reasonable amount of time to complete the process below, the faculty member may not be able to provide the accommodations at the time needed. Meeting with the faculty member within the first two weeks of classes is recommended if the need for accommodations is known at that time.

  1. Make an appointment to meet with the faculty member for whose course you need the accommodations that have been approved on your Accommodation Access Plan. Specific accommodations may be needed in some courses, but not in others.
  2. Show the faculty member for whose class you are requesting accommodations a copy of your Accommodation Access Plan. You may obtain as many copies of your plan as needed from Disability Services.
  3. Request from the faculty member the classroom accommodations needed, from your Accommodation Access Plan, for his/her course. The faculty member will address any accommodations requested that interfere with the essential nature of the program of study or the course curriculum. After discussing your requests with the instructor, the instructor will complete the Accommodation Agreement Form.
  4. The student and faculty member sign the Classroom Accommodation Plan. The faculty member will give the student a copy of the agreement, keep a copy, and return the original to Disability Services. At any point, please let the Disability Services counselor know of any questions, concerns, or problems.

Note: Accommodations are not effective until you return the signed Accomodation Plan to Disability Services and meet with the course instructor to request the classroom accommodations needed from your Accommodation Access Plan. It is the students responsibility to ensure a signed copy of the Accommodation Plan is returned to Disability Services.

It is the policy of the Virginia Community College System and Virginia Western Community College to maintain and promote equal employment and educational opportunities without regard to race, color, sex, age, religion, disability, national origin, or other non-merit factors. For further information, contact the Title IX Coordinator, Lori Baker, in Chapman Hall, Room C102A, at 857-6348 or the ADA/504 Coordinator, Student Center, Room 102, at 857-7286.


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