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April 17, 2014

National Library Week – Tip of the Day

TIP #3 - If we don’t have the item you need, we can request it from another library that owns it. (Librarians are good at sharing.)

Our Interlibrary Loan service allows you to obtain books, journal articles, and other materials that are not available in Brown Library. Student requests are honored for materials needed to fulfill the reading and research requirements of the College's course offerings. Faculty and staff requests are honored for materials used for work-related inquiry or to support the mission of the college. Get more information here.

Library Contest!

Students, faculty, and staff --- Enter the library’s “How Many Books?” contest. Guess how many books in print are in the Circulating collection on the top floor of the Brown Library Building. The student and the faculty/staff member who makes the closest guess (without going over the actual number of books) will win a prize! Go to the top floor of the library and look at the Circulating collection; then submit a contest entry form at either the Reference Desk or Circulation Desk. The contest runs April 15 through April 19, 4:00pm. Winners will be notified on Monday, April 21.

Happy National Library Week!