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February 11, 2014

Student 1098 Mailing

The Virginia Community College System uses a company by the name of Vangent to produce and distribute all 1098’s.  Virginia Western Community College’s student 1098’s were prepared and mailed on January 27, 2014.

Students can obtain a copy of their 1098 before it arrives in the mail or obtain additional copies at the Vangent website at tra.vangent.com   There is no additional charge for the web copies.  Students should click the “First Time Students” button and follow the directions.

Students can also receive assistance by using the “Student Help” link on the website.  There are many useful help topics to assist students as well as an 800 number that can be used to get technical assistance with logging in and retrieving records.  However, this number cannot be used for general 1098-T questions or information on the existence of a form for any particular student.  Only students who have a published 1098 will be able to retrieve their 1098 from the website.

Be advised that Box 1 of the 1098-T includes all payments (student payments, student payments made through tuition payment plans, loans, 3rd party, scholarships, and financial aid and waivers) that satisfied qualified tuition and fee charges net of student revenue refunds. Box 4 data reports any adjustments made in calendar year 2013 for qualified tuition and related expenses reported for a prior year on Form 1098-T.  Box 5 of the 1098-T reports the net sum of 3rd party payments, scholarships, financial aid and waivers that satisfied qualified tuition and fee charges.  Box 6 data reports adjustments made in calendar year 2013 to scholarships or grants reported for a prior year on Form 1098-T.  Qualified charges satisfied by loan payments are considered paid by the student and will be reported in Box 1. Qualified tuition charges are credit course charges, technology fees, capital fees, course and class specific fees and all mandatory non-E&G fees.  No other charges qualify for 1098-T reporting including bookstore charges, fines, non-credit course charges, and miscellaneous fees.  The difference between Box 1 and Box 5 represents student payments.

Students whose eligible tuition and fees charges were totally refunded or were entirely satisfied by financial aid, third party or waivers will not receive a 1098-T.  Students whose calendar year 2013 transactions resulted in Box 1 and Box 5 and Box 4 and Box 6 being equal will not receive a 1098-T. Also, please note for purposes of 1098-T reporting; only calendar year 2013 cash basis activity is reflected.  Payments made in December 2013 for the spring 2014 term are therefore included on the 1098-T.  Payments made in December 2012 for the spring 2013 term are not included.  Credit hours taken in the spring term 2014 and paid for by December 31, 2013 do not count toward half-time eligibility for 2013 because the academic term did not start in calendar year 2013.

Students who receive 1098 statements and have questions or concerns should contact the cashier’s office at 540-857-6315 or by email to pcunningham@virginiawestern.edu