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June 12, 2013

Congratulations VWCC Motorsports!

Congratulations to the VWCC Motorsports team, which returned from the SAE Collegiate Design Series Competition in Rochester, NY, with an impressive 19th place finish! The finish was the best in team history; and believed to be the highest finish ever by a community college. Ninety collegiate teams participated in the completion, which included a PTC Acceleration Track, a Cummins Hill Climb Event, a Magna Maneuverability Course, and a Suspension & Traction course. The team finished first among two-year schools at this year’s competition; other two-year schools finished in 56th and 83rd. Among the teams VWCC Motorsports beat out were those from four-year universities such as Purdue, Johns Hopkins, Clemson, Old Dominion, Notre Dame, Michigan State and Miami.

Please take a minute to congratulate the 2013 VWCC Motorsports team:


  • Gary Young


  • Bryan Johnson
  • Sarah Mellas
  • Will Fortune
  • Keoni Dade
  • Chuck Brady
  • Josh Nielsen
  • Colin Butler

About Baja SAE® Series

Baja SAE consists of three regional competitions that simulate real-world engineering design projects and their related challenges. Engineering students are tasked to design and build an off-road vehicle that will survive the severe punishment of rough terrain and sometimes even water.

The object of the competition is to provide SAE student members with a challenging project that involves the planning and manufacturing tasks found when introducing a new product to the consumer industrial market. Teams compete against one another to have their design accepted for manufacture by a fictitious firm. Students must function as a team to not only design, build, test, promote, and race a vehicle within the limits of the rules, but also to generate financial support for their project and manage their educational priorities.

Summer 2013 Add/Drop Dates

Last Date to Register/Add a Class

10 Wk Regular Session~ May 22

5W1 Session ~  May 20

5W2 Session ~ June 27


Last Date to Drop and Receive a Refund

10 Week Regular Session ~ May 28

5W1 Session ~ May 21

5W2 Session ~ July 1


Last Day to Withdraw Without Grade Penalty

10 Week Regular Session ~ June 29

5W1 Session ~  June 6

5W2  Session ~ July 15