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February 28, 2013

Important Summer 2013 Financial Aid Information

Are you planning on attending Virginia Western during the summer 2013 semester and need to determine if financial aid is available?

If so, complete the 2013 Summer Semester Financial Aid Form  and submit it to the Financial Aid Office by email (finaid@virginiawestern.edu), fax (540-857-6208), in person, or by mail (VWCC Financial Aid, P.O. Box 14007, Roanoke VA 24038) . Financial aid for summer semester is very limited.  At the time that you are submitting this form you must:

  • Have a completed a 2012-2013 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) that includes the VWCC school code – 003760, and have submitted all requested documentation. NOTE: If you attended another school during the fall 2012 and/or spring 2013 semesters, and did not have the VWCC school code on your FAFSA, then you must add the VWCC school code to your FAFSA so that we may determine your eligibility. 
  • Be enrolled and attempting courses in an eligible program. 
  • Not have earned a Bachelor degree by 7/1/2012 to be considered for grants. NOTE: Students with a prior Bachelor degree are eligible to apply for loans.