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November 13, 2012


Sign up today for this 30 minute informational seminar that will go over how to prepare your portfolio. There are two seminars that are offered on:

Thursday, December 6th; 12:15-12:45 or 5:15-5:45

*HCC Passport Event*

Sign up in the Hall Career Center or contact us at 540-857-7298 to sign up for this event TODAY!!


Sign up today for this 30 minute informational seminar that will go over the importance of career assessment testing. There are two seminars that are offered on:

Wednesday, November 28; 12:15-12:45 or 5:15-5:45

*HCC Passport Event*

Sign up in the Hall Career Center or contact us at 540-857-7298 to sign up for this event TODAY!!



The Goodwill donation truck will be located in Lot #7 (Webber parking lot) beside the EDGAR box.

WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 14th 8am- noon is the last day to donate and receive a tax receipt.

**Attention: In return for our donations the Hall Career Center will receive vouchers from the Goodwill so that we may help those students in need of dress attire for interviews or  job fairs.**

Special thanks to all that have donated!!!!!

Brown Library Renovation: Phase Two

The college will be moving forward with a renovation to the second floor of the Brown Library, beginning in the early Spring of 2013.  The renovation will result in a more functional and comfortable traditional library space for students.  

In order to get ready for the renovation, on Thursday, November 29th, the library’s top floor will close at 8:00 p.m. and remain closed through the spring 2013 semester.  

The library’s Circulation Department employees will move down to the main floor to continue serving students, staff, and faculty and continue providing resources.

Stay tuned for more information!

Parenting Students Group Meeting – TODAY!

OPPSS Program (Office of Pregnant & Parenting Student Services) SPONSORS



Please attend the Students as Parents Group Meeting on Tuesday, November 13, 2012 in the Natural Science Center from 11 a.m. to 12 noon. 

All Students who are Parents or Pregnant are invited.  Come and meet other parenting students to share ideas, information or just to vent. Become a part of the Virginia Western Student Parents Community.

Gwen Johnson, Coordinator
Duncan 117, 857-6685

Tuition Payment Plan

Spring 2013 Tuition Payment Plan – Sign Up TODAY!

To help meet educational expenses, Virginia Western Community College is pleased to participate in Nelnet’s tuition payment plan.  For a non-refundable fee of $25.00, Nelnet allows monthly, interest-free tuition payments. The earlier students enroll the more payment options they may have. The payment plan for Spring 2013 will begin on November 12, 2012.

If a payment plan is not established or if tuition is not paid by December 6, students who registered early for classes will be dropped and will need to repeat the registration process. Financial Aid students are protected from enrollment cancellation up to the amount of their Financial Aid award. Financial Aid students should pay any differences between their total award and the amount due to prevent enrollment cancellation.

Payment plan sign-up instructions and deadlines will be posted on the Student Bulletin, Facebook, Twitter, www.virginiawestern.edu and on the VWtvs located across campus.

Step by step directions on how to enroll in a payment plan are available at http://www.virginiawestern.edu/studenthelp/student/tuitionpaymentplan.php

VA21 College Student Survey

If you’re a student in Virginia, please take the Virginia21 Statewide Student Survey.  This survey will help VA21 advocate and represent student opinion on issues like student debt, financial aid, textbook costs, career center effectiveness, campus safety and jobs.  The voice of young people on issues that matter will be captured in this survey and will be compiled in a statewide report that will be presented later this year.

By taking this survey you’ll be entered into drawing to win a $250 textbook scholarship or money towards paying off a student loan.  Make sure your voice is heard and take the survey today!

You can take the survey by going to www.virginia21.org/survey.