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September 11, 2012



The Armed Forces Student Association will be planting a flag garden in the Arboretum in honor of Remembrance Day.  One flag will be planted for each soldier that has been killed in theater since 9/11.  This will be a fund and awareness-raising event.  $1 will plant 1 flag.  Proceeds will be donated to Bentley Conrad, 1-year-old son of Sgt. TJ Conrad. 

Sgt. Conrad was killed in Afghanistan during a demonstration over the burning of Qurans earlier this year.   His wife Holly moved to the Roanoke area so Bentley would grow up with his father’s family.  We want to show them that we have not forgotten the sacrifices they have all made for our country.

The official kick-off will be at the Warm Welcome.  Additional donations will be accepted in the financial aid office, and at various locations around campus during September and October.  We are hoping to have all the flags planted for the entire month of November.   Please let one of us know if you wish to make a donation in honor or memory of a particular soldier.

For more information, please contact Michele Hilts at 857-7395 or mhilts@virginiawestern.edu.