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August 28, 2012

Did you apply for Book Funds?


 If you applied for Educational Foundation Book Funds, then the professor or counselor who recommended you for assistance will notify you of when your books are available to pick up. You will pick up textbooks at Brown Library Circulation desk on the top floor, and must bring two forms of photo I.D. (ex. Driver’s License and VWCC I.D.). Please email Carolyn Payne at cpayne@virginiawestern.edu with any questions.

Do you need help paying for books?


Apply for Educational Foundation Book Funds. Talk to your professor or counselor who will help you complete the application. You must also write a Thank You letter to be submitted with your application. If approved, you will pick up textbooks at Brown Library Circulation desk on the top floor and must bring two forms of photo I.D. (ex. Driver's license and VWCC I.D).


The Hall Career Center is offering the “Passport” again this Fall semester. This is a great way for teachers to offer extra credit and a great opportunity for our students to use our services. The students will pick-up a passport at the first approved Hall Career Center passport event. If you would like a list of Hall Career Center Passport events please contact the office at 857-7298 or email us at  careercenter@virginiawestern.edu.

Biology Department Art Show Opening Reception August 30

Join us on Thursday, August 30, 5 - 7 p.m. in the Virginia Western Art Gallery for the presentation of LENS: Magnifying Biology Through Art. The Biology Department has compiled a show including student biologically inspired art from anatomy, microbiology, and general biology and will open on August 22 and run until mid-October.  Catering will be provided by the Culinary Institute. Please join us!