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Mail Services

For instructions or questions regarding mail including postal rates, mail-piece design or mail preparation, contact Amy Maiolo via phone 857-7368 or email between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. All outgoing and inter-office mail delivery and pick up occurs daily at the division office mailboxes according to a predetermined schedule. Outgoing mail received after 2:30 p.m. will be metered the following day. Only school related mail with a VWCC return address will be metered. Personal mail will not be metered. However, mail containing the correct postage can be dropped off for delivery to the USPS. Bulk mail and other mass mailings should be prepared and delivered to the mail room a minimum of 48 hours in advance of the anticipated post date. Bulk mailings must be properly prepared by the division offices according to USPS standards prior to processing by the VWCC mail service. Improperly following these procedures will result in delays.


The college uses separate addresses for mailing and shipping purposes. Using an incorrect address will delay incoming packages. The official mailing address for the college is:

Virginia Western Community College
Attn: (Name of the person) 
Department or Division
P.O. Box #14007 (see note below)
Roanoke, VA 24038-4007

NOTE: This address is used only for invoices/billing, professional magazines, and general correspondences. Do not give this address to book vendors, product vendors or use for shipping purposes (see shipping).

Shipping & Receiving

The state contract package carrier is UPS. (Fed Ex and DHL are not approved and will be charged to your division.) Only packages that are official VWCC business should be "sent from" or "delivered to" campus. When shipping packages, place items in a sturdy box or envelope and deliver to the division office. Do not use staples on your outgoing items. All packages must have a complete and legible shipping address and a VWCC return address. No special addressing labels are needed but these items MUST be addressed to a location with a physical address (UPS will NOT deliver to a P.O. Box Number). In order to receive packages, they must be properly addressed with your name, your division's name, and your building's correct delivery address. Each building uses a different street number so it is important to notify all companies of your correct physical address. Improperly addressed packages cannot be delivered and will be returned to the sender according to the shipping carrier's policy.

Address packages as follows:

Virginia Western Community College
Attn: (Name of the person ordering the goods.)
Building Name, Department, Room Number
Specific street # on Colonial Ave.
Roanoke, Virginia 24015 

The following is an example of a complete shipping address:

Virginia Western Community College
Attn: John Smith
Anderson Hall, Health Tech Division, Room A118 
3097 Colonial Avenue, SW (**see list below)
Roanoke, Virginia 24015 

Street Addresses for all Major Buildings

  • Anderson Hall
    3097 Colonial Ave., SW
  • Brown Library
    3095 Colonial Ave., SW
  • Business Science Building
    3099 Colonial Ave., SW
  • Chapman Hall
    3094 Colonial Ave., SW
  • College Services Building
    3054 Colonial Ave., SW
  • Craig Hall
    3092 Colonial Ave., SW
  • Duncan Hall
    3090 Colonial Ave., SW
  • Fishburn Hall
    3093 Colonial Ave., SW
  • Fralin Center
    3091 Colonial Ave., SW
  • Greenhouse
    3102 Colonial Ave., SW
  • Humanities Building
    3082 Colonial Ave., SW
  • Student Center
    3096 Colonial Ave., SW
  • Thomas Center
    3074 Colonial Ave., SW
  • Webber Hall
    3098 Colonial Ave., SW
  • PE Building
    No legal address

eVA Orders and Shipping

Orders placed on eVA should request UPS shipping and include correct PHYSICAL address for delivery. If competitive bid process determines vender and the vendor determines the shipper please notify the vendor and shipper of proper shipping label information after vendor is known. Deliveries improperly addressed cannot be delivered and may be returned.

Sending mail and packages to Off-Campus Sites

All mail and packages to the Greenfield Center or the Franklin Center need to be addressed and mailed directly to their facility using USPS or UPS. Mail addressed to the RHEC may be sent through interoffice mail. Only one A.M. delivery is made to RHEC. Please direct off-campus mail to someone's attention using the following addresses:

Greenfield Education & Training Center
Attn: (name)
57 South Center Drive
Daleville, Virginia 24083 

VWCC c/o the Franklin Center
Attn: Mike Greer or Ann Layne
50 Claiborne Ave. 
Rocky Mount, Virginia 24151


VWCC Alerts

We use VW Alert to immediately contact you during a major crisis or emergency.

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