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The safety and security of students, faculty and visitors here at Virginia Western Community College is of paramount importance to us. To raise campus awareness of these issues, on this page we will be listing current crime- and safety-related incidents.

We hope this information will help our readers avoid hazards, and protect themselves from criminal activity. We would also be grateful to hear from anyone viewing this page who may have information about a specific incident.

Date Time Incident Location Disposition
3/31/2016 11:20AM Medical Fralin Center First Aid Report
3/21/2016 8:03AM Medical Anderson Hall First Aid Report
3/17/2016 2:12PM Medical Student Center First Aid Report
3/14/2016 11:00AM Larceny Fralin Center Incident Based Report
3/14/2016 1:15PM Medical Anderson Hall First Aid Report
12:00AM-11:59PM Theft from Building Humanities Incident Based Report
2/25/2016 6:00PM Medical Craig Hall First Aid Report
2/24/2016 12:55PM Medical Fralin Center First Aid Report
2/22/2016 8:55AM Medical Fralin Center First Aid Report
2/19/2016 10:15AM Harassment Business Science Incident Based Report
2/19/2016 9:57AM Prop. Damage Webber Hall Incident Based Report
2/18/2016 11:00AM Medical Business Science First Aid Report
2/11/2016 2:00PM Traffic Crash Lot 14 Accident Exchange Form
1/29/2016 8:00AM-9:00AM Traffic Crash Lot 14 Accident Exchange Form
1/20/2016 10:00AM Traffic Crash Lot 7 Accident Exchange Form

2015 Incident Report
2014 Incident Report
2013 Incident Report

VWCC Crime Statistics

In accordance with theĀ Clery Act, VWPD has compiled crime statistics from our campus, as well as surrounding jurisdictions.

Annual Reports

The following reports are in PDF format.

Virginia Western Campus Police

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