This article was originally published on 04/19/2011. Information and links within may no longer be applicable.

Need to Take Developmental English?

If you need to take developmental English courses before enrolling in college-level English, you should consider enrolling in VWCC's Bridge to Success Accelerated Developmental Writing Program.

Bridge to Success is a six-week, accelerated developmental writing program designed for motivated high school graduates who need to complete developmental courses before enrolling in college-level English. Through participation in this program, you will complete:

  • ENG 03 (Bridge) - Preparation for College Writing II
  • SDV 108 (Bridge) - College Survival Skills

Registration begins April 18, 2011 and classes begin June 20, 2011 and run through July 28, 2011.

For more information, download the Bridge to Success brochure.


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