The Media Geeks

The VWtv System

VWtv is a closed network of screens located in high traffic points around the campus that are used to communicate relevant information to our students, faculty and staff. The Media Geeks create hundreds (thousands?) of messages each year upon request from faculty, staff and student clubs and schedule them on the VWtv system. Most messages are created and posted within two business days of the request.

To have the Media Geeks create a message for your department, school, club, or student event:

  1. Determine a clear message that you believe can be conveyed with a simple image or limited number of words (about 16). If you have ideas for the message's look ("We want a giant asteroid hitting the moon", "Our colors are green and yellow", etc.) or a logo that must be used, be sure to note that on the form.
  2. Faculty and Staff: Fill out this form.
  3. Students: Fill out this form.

The Media Geeks will take it from there, creating an original slide that's sure to look great. We'll reach out to you by email and tell you who to send your artwork to if you have noted that there is a logo that must be used that we don't already have on file.


VWCC Alerts

We use VW Alert to immediately contact you during a major crisis or emergency.

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