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Instructions & Tutorials

Here is a growing list of tutorials for you. Please be aware that many of these are external links and the information presented may not be representative of VWCC guidelines or expectations (ie: use at your own risk).

Additional tutorials can be found at

Using the Electronic Classroom

Using the Extron Control System

Using the Document Camera

How to display a laptop on the screen

Using the Presentation Remote (Where Available)

Miscellaneous Topics

  • Make Your Bookmarks Portable: works in IE 6, and IE 7
  • Getting Started with (YouTube): A social networking Bookmarking program. Allows the user to use their bookmarks on any internet connected computer, as well as share those bookmarks with others.
  • Twitter: Slides only (no audio) but does a GREAT job of summing up how to correctly Twitter.
  • NetVibes: A social networking aggregator.
  • iGoogle (YouTube): RSS / social networking aggregator.
  • Clever product tour of iGoogle (YouTube).

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