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Media Production and Delivery

ProductionWe are committed to providing the highest possible quality development and delivery of video for recruitment, information sharing, archival and more. Our staff of production professionals can assist you.

For staff that needs assistance using existing desktop tools to create their own content, please feel free to open a ticket with the Help Desk and we'll schedule a time to meet with you.

The Media Geeks are also a fully operational mobile production team. With multiple digital cameras, backdrops, microphones and digital editing facilities on campus, we can work with you to design and develop a professionally produced product. Please be aware that this is typically a large undertaking - we generally budget 10 working hours for every minute of produced video. You will want to plan any professional looking product with us at LEAST two months before you need it.

Generally the process is:

  1. You have a GREAT idea!
  2. You fill out this form.
  3. A Media Geek will contact you and arrange for you meet with us for about an hour to discuss your idea and see how much or how little work it might entail.
  4. You write a script, identify actors, (students, faculty, staff, etc.). Typically the Media Geeks do not narrate or act in the videos. This is better left to those with that sort of talent!
  5. We work together to plan a "shot schedule".
  6. Once the shots are done, we take it back to our cave and work our magic.
  7. You review the rough draft with us.
  8. We make any changes or corrections and review the final product with you.

Please contact B Bagby for any questions related to new projects. If you have an existing project with us, please contact your technician directly.

Currently Available Videos

Video produced by the Media Geeks can be found in the following locations:

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