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Media Geeks

Meet the Geeks

GEEK: noun / gēk

  1. A person with an eccentric devotion to a particular interest - a media geek
  2. The people you pick on in high school and wind up working for as an adult

Media, in our case, relates to all forms of delivery.  The projector in your classroom, the CD you pop in your player, the video you watch on YouTube.  It's all media, and we love to play with every bit of it!

Head Media Geek

B Bagby, DMC-E, M.Ed

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B is the leader, and head whip wielder of the Media Geeks.  B has the largest collection of useless stuff on and around his desk including Darth Tater, and his Doctorate of Divinity which he purchased online for a mere $35.  This degree comes in handy as he often finds himself leading prayers (some call it providing user support) for dying technology like slide projectors and Windows operating systems.

B specializes in instructional technology integration, classroom design and mobile technology, and is a founding member of the Virginia Classroom Technologies group.  

The Rest of the Geeks

Joe Bear, CTS, DMC-E, CBJ

Joe BearOriginally an aspiring lighting designer, Joe came to us from Longwood University where he received his BFA in Theatre Design and Technology. After deciding he would rather make a career out of watching TV, Joe quickly made the move over to audiovisuals. Joe is the Lead Media Geek on campus which only means he gets to break things first. When he is not crashing electronic classrooms you can find Joe judging KCBS BBQ competitions, dropping beats under the alias DJ Shady Hawkins, and being an uncle.

Jim Underwood

Jim UnderwoodJim is our token Irishman! He has lived in Roanoke for the past 15 years with his lovely wife Marguerite and their 2 children Jackie and Rory. He was a Photojournalist with WSLS Channel 10 and an award winning documentary Producer with Blue Ridge PBS. He is now proud to be a "Media Geek".

Corey Bapst

Corey BapstCorey comes to us after a 4 year hiatus discovering what the world has to offer at Old Dominion University, where he majored in Communications with a minor in Film. He has excellent hand/eye coordination in the form of playing video games, likes to bowl even if he is awful, and has an addiction to Red Bull which he repeatedly attempts to kick.

Jason Garnett

Joe BearJason has spent nearly half his life in poorly lit projection booths. Working changeover projection at the North Theater in Danville, VA, The Hull's Drive In in Lexington, VA but mostly in Roanoke's Grandin Theatre. At the Grandin, he worked on the 2002 renovations before becoming General Manager. During which time he implemented the Midnight Movie series, Saturday Morning Cartoon Series and Open Projector Night. After his time with the Grandin, Jason founded Roanoke's first and only community Microcinema, The Shadowbox. He is now fortunate enough to bring his unique set of skills to the Media Geeks.

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