Factory Man Coming to Brown Library

Factory Man

Factory Man isn’t just the story of John Bassett III’s tooth and nail fight to save his furniture factory. Former Roanoke Times reporter Beth Macy’s book is about globalization, modern American industry, Southside Virginia, race, and family fortunes. We just got our copy today from Barnes & Noble (Amazon.com is not selling it as of 7-14-14 due to a spat with the publisher). Be the first to check it out.

Brown Library, Academic Link, and the Writing Center will be closed Friday, July 4th, and Saturday, July 5th, in honor of Independence Day.

Obama’s Presidential Library: Where Will it Be?

Cities all over the world fight tooth and nail with each other to host the Olympics or World Cup. A similar process is happening now for a – wait for it – library. With only a few years left in his presidency, President Obama faces the unenviable task of choosing a location for his presidential library from among 13 contenders, leaving 12 out in the cold. According to the Wall Street Journal, the 13 locations vying for the library are in Hawaii, Chicago, and New York City. The president has strong ties to each location.

The tradition of establishing a library to hold the documents and artifacts of one’s presidency started with Franklin D. Roosevelt. Now there are 13 presidential libraries located across the United States and each is run by the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA). These libraries differ from the local public library or Brown Library by serving as a combination of archive for researchers and museum for visitors.

We are certain that if the president chooses Hawaii, the competition for a librarian or archivist job at the new presidential library will be even more intense.


A bicycle given to Bill Clinton by Lance Armstrong on display at Clinton’s presidential library in Little Rock, Arkansas.

A bicycle given to Bill Clinton by Lance Armstrong on display at Clinton’s presidential library in Little Rock, Arkansas. Image courtesy Wikimedia.

Check Us Out!

If you haven’t been to Brown Library lately, you should stop in and check us out! We’re located on the top floor of the library building. You’ll find plenty of academic resources. We even have popular magazines, newspapers, and comfy furniture for you to enjoy. Drop in today to find your favorite spot…like our regular squirrel!

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PS- No food allowed. It’s a good thing the squirrel and his apple are on the outside of that window!

Reading Rainbow Returns?

LeVar Burton is trying to bring back Reading Rainbow with a Kickstarter campaign. Do you remember the theme song? See the original ’80s animation here: “Take a look, it’s in a book, Reading Rainbow.”


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