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About VWCC

Information & Educational Technologies

Register & Pay with the VWCC Mobile App

To register for classes:
  1. Download App
  2. Tap on the Courses Icon
  3. Tap PS Sign-in
  4. Enter your MyVWCC username & password
  5. Tap Login
  6. Tap Enrollment
  7. Tap Shopping Cart
  8. Tap Term to select the correct term
  9. Tap Class Search
  10. Select a Subject
  11. Select a Class
  12. Select a Campus (This step may or may not be required)
  13. Select a Section
  14. Tap Add to Cart
  15. Repeat Step 9 – 14 to add more classes to your shopping cart
  16. Once completed, Tap Select All
  17. Tap Enroll
    You will receive your enrollment results. All classes that were successfully enrolled will be indicated by a green check mark. Classes in error will have a red circle with a black X and an error message.
  18. Tap OK to confirm
  19. Continue with Shopping Cart or go back to Home
  20. Tap Class Schedule to view classes
  21. Tap Financials – What I Owe to see charges and make a payment
To make a payment:
  1. Tap Financials, then What I Owe. Your charges will be shown at the top of the page, and then a term breakdown showing your Outstanding Charges less Pending Financial Aid, giving the Total Due.
  2. Select Make a Payment at the bottom of the page. This will take you to the QuikPay payment site.
  3. From the left menu items, select Make a Payment. Your charges will be filled in and you will continue to enter the requested information to complete your payment. Once you have confirmed your payment, a payment receipt will be available for you to print.
  4. Logout of QuikPay to return to the VWCC Mobile App.
  5. Select Back to go back to the Financials page. This will cause Tuition to re-calculate.
  6. Select What I Owe. Your payment will be reflected in your account balance.

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