Information and Educational Technologies

Guidelines and Policies for Computer Use

  • Use of Electronic Communications and Social Media (PDF)

    The purpose of this policy is to ensure the appropriate, responsible, and safe use of electronic communications and social media by employees. This policy establishes minimum standards for all state employees. Agencies may supplement this policy as necessary, as long as such supplement is consistent with this policy...

Virginia Community College System Guidelines & Standards

The Virginia Community College System (VCCS) provides shared information technology resources and services to faculty, staff, and college patrons, collectively "Users," for activities supporting the VCCS mission. The purpose of this standard is to protect the integrity of VCCS Technology Resources and the Users thereof against unauthorized or improper use of those resources. The following standard describes responsible behavior expected by those given access to the technology resources and services. The System Office Information Technology Office provides practical guidelines for the application of this standard and general oversight to govern the implementation...

Virginia Western Technology Use Policies


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