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The Media Geeks of Information and Educational Technology Services is fully equipped to handle your support requests. For the most up to date information, visit the Media Geeks Official Unofficial Website

Here you will find links and helpful information about the technologies you use in teaching and learning here at Virginia Western Community College.

Phone: 540-857-7354 (via the Help Desk)
Business Science Building, Room M250

We look forward to serving you!

What We Do

  • We create and support the instructional media you use in the electronic classrooms, from projectors to document cameras to remote controls and screens!
  • We support the multimedia, lighting and sound equipment used in hundreds of events and performances on the campus.
  • We create streaming media and Podcasts that are used in everything from recruiting and fund-raising to tutorials and theater performance archival. We assist faculty and staff with content to be posted on iTunes, YouTube and others.
  • We install and maintain the VWtv targeted communication system on campus.
  • We provide classroom and one-on-one training to faculty and staff on hardware and software.
  • We do constant research and retraining to insure that our faculty, staff and students benefit from the most appropriate technologies and a support staff that can provide top notch assistance.

Who We Are

Bagby, B540-857-6230
Head Media Geek
Business Science M250
Bapst, Corey540-857-6010
Media Geek
Business Science M250
Bear, Joe540-857-7263
Media Geek
Business Science M250
Garnett, Jason540-857-6475
Media Geek
Business Science M250
Newman, Joshua
Media Geek
Business Science M250
Tomlin, Christopher
Media Geek
Business Science M250
Underwood, James540-857-6000
Media Geek
Business Science M250

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