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Other Services

There are several other offices that you'll want to become familiar with in case you need their services.

Printing Services

Printing Services is a full-service printing department at Virginia Western Community College. Services include duplication of materials for classroom use, printing of official college documents and public information materials. They are located in Anderson Hall, room A156. More information about services that are offered and how to request them can be found at

 Library Services

The library has many things that may be of interest to faculty. They have a Faculty Resources page that covers many of these things.  

Equipment Checkout

The Information & Educational Technology Services division does have equipment that can be signed out for temporary usage. The list includes laptops, data projectors, video screen, Flip video cameras, and other types of cameras. Contact the Help Desk for more information.

Video Streaming

It is possible to get videos made with enough lead time. More information about creating videos or viewing videos that have already been created can be found at

Electronic Classrooms and Computer labs

Most classrooms are now considered electronic classrooms with a computer workstation, data projector, document camera, speakers, etc. available for use. There are also several computer labs that have a separate computer for each student plus a shared printer. The full list of electronic classrooms and computer labs can be found at

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VWCC Alerts

We use VW Alert to immediately contact you during a major crisis or emergency.

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