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New Employee Technology Orientation

The training is divided into the following technology categories. You can select each category from the following list or you can begin with the Local Area Network orientation and let the tutorial carry you through to the end.

Network Orientation, which provides an overview of the VWCC local area network, information about VWCC standard software, etc.

MyVWCC Orientation, MyVWCC is a single sign-in portal that gives you access to enterprise systems such as Blackboard, the Student Information System (SIS), Library Services, the Virginia Education Wizard, and Compass Test Info. This access is based on your primary role at the college. Faculty and classified staff normally use different systems within MyVWCC, so we've separated the orientation based on your primary role: 

Communications Orientation, including email, telephones, VWAlert and other forms of communication used at Virginia Western;

Security Training, including information about required yearly security training called MOAT, what a SARF is, etc.;

Other Services, which provides information about services offered and supported by IET.

Other resources available to faculty:

The Vice President of Academic Affairs office provides other important information for faculty at

Admissions and Records maintains and provides a faculty section in Navigate MyVWCC.



VWCC Alerts

We use VW Alert to immediately contact you during a major crisis or emergency.

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