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Top 10 Reasons to Give

1. Virginia Western is an integral part of the community

The Virginia Western directly touches the lives of more people and families in our community than any other institution in our service region. With over 13,000 students, Virginia Western is the largest community college west of Richmond.

2. Virginia Western builds the local workforce

The Virginia Western enhances the productivity of the Roanoke Valley's workforce. The benefits of workforce training at the College to the Roanoke Valley's economy are almost two and a half times as great as the cost required to generate those benefits.* It is also important to note 85 percent of Virginia Western's students stay in the region after they finish their studies!

3. Virginia Western provides an efficient, low-cost alternative for delivering quality educational programs

The average cost for a full time student for one semester at Virginia Western is $1,789.08 (12 credits) compared to to $6,008.50 for one semester at Virginia Tech.

4. Virginia Western expands the circle of economic and personal opportunity

The Virginia Western is the largest provider of higher education services to "non-traditional" students seeking to upgrade their skills to stay current in a rapidly changing economy. The average age of a Virginia Western student is 28. Excluding dual-enrollment students, over 80 percent of all students are employed while enrolled in classes and one out of three Virginia Western students is a parent.

5. Virginia Western is the largest provider of higher education services to economically at-risk communities in the Roanoke Valley

About one-third of Virginia Western curricular students (i.e., enrolled in a degree or certificate program) receive state or federal financial aid. The Virginia Western Educational Foundation further supports students through the Community College Access Program, and awarded over $126,000 in scholarships, emergency book funds and emergency student loans in 2011.

6. Virginia Western provides an effective and affordable route to the baccalaureate degree through transfer programs

The Virginia Western has guaranteed admission and articulation agreements with over 30 four-year in-state colleges and universities. This means our students have immediate acceptance to these institutions after they complete their associate degree.

7. Virginia Western's faculty has a talent for teaching and emphasizing learning

Virginia Western students have the highest GPA of all the other Virginia Community College System (VCCS) students upon graduation from a four-year college or university. Historically, our Health Technology program graduates have an average licensure pass rate above 95 percent.

8. Virginia Western's Dual Enrollment has more high school dual enrollment students than any other college in the VCCS

Completing advanced classes at Virginia Western significantly reduces the high costs of attending a four-year college or university for four-year college bound students. 24% of enrollment at Virginia Western is in affordable advance credit coursework. More than 90% of these enrollments were offered in high school classrooms at no cost to the student.

9. Virginia Western is a stable educational force in the local community

The College is dedicated to expanding access to post secondary education and to ensuring outreach for under-served populations. We are here to stay. A gift to the College ensures future generations success and strengthens the Roanoke region.

10. Virginia Western is a good investment

One dollar ($1.00) invested in Virginia Western Community College returns $2.40 to the community ... and gifts made to the Virginia Western Community College Educational Foundation are tax-deductible.

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