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At Virginia Western, we are concerned with more than classrooms and caps and gowns. We work on providing opportunities for students to get to college, both financially and academically, and then creating a gateway from the community college into the area's businesses and four-year institutions. Pooling resources from the community to benefit our students as well as the entire region is important to our success.

The Community College Access Program (CCAP) is one of the best examples of successful public/private partnerships. CCAP provides full tuition funding to students who qualify in Virginia Western's service region through a combination of federal financial aid, state and local money, and donations from area institutions, businesses, and individuals. Student recipients are held to a high standard of academic achievement, and many also display extreme financial need. The success of the program, and therefore the college's future students and the area's future workforce, depends on increased partnership participation.

Donors to CCAP make this forward-looking education model a reality. They assure local students a chance to attend Virginia Western, from which students can then transfer to a four-year college or university or enter directly into the local workforce as highly skilled and trained professionals. Investment in CCAP translates to investment in the next generation of local business leaders. College tuition rates are rising, state funding for community colleges is dwindling, and our region's vitality depends on access to employees with higher education and workforce training. Be part of the solution. Join Virginia Western in supporting the Community College Access Program today.

Dr. Robert H. Sandel


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