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Financial Aid :: Polices & Conditions

Charging Textbooks

Students who wish to use their financial aid to purchase books and supplies from the college bookstore are required to complete and sign a Bookstore Charge Authorization Form each academic year.  Once this form is on file with the Financial Aid Office, you may charge your purchases to your financial aid account during specific dates, found on our Dates & Deadlines page.

There will be no book charges after those dates. If the books you need are on backorder, please speak with bookstore management for special arrangements.

VWCC Bookstore Policy

Students must present a valid photo ID and their VWCC Student ID Number in order to charge textbooks and supplies to their account. The student must sign a Bookstore Charge Authorization Form for each year the student plans to use his/her financial aid to make educationally related purchases at the bookstore.  The Bookstore Charge Form gives permission to Virginia Western Community College and the campus Bookstore to access the student's financial aid information for the purpose of charging books and supplies using financial aid while the student is enrolled.  Additionally, students must understand the following information when purchasing at the bookstore:

  • Signing the Bookstore Charge Authorization Form is voluntary, and is not needed if the student chooses to make purchases from a vendor other than the on-campus bookstore.
  • You were awarded financial aid to help cover the costs of educationally related expenses during your attendance at Virginia Western Community College.  These funds should only be used to purchase books and supplies that are required for the classes in which you are enrolled.  These funds should NOT be used to purchase multiple copies of the same textbook during a single semester.  Your financial aid funds are intended for purchases made by you, for you, and should never be used to purchase textbooks or supplies for other students, staff, or faculty members.

Failure to abide by this policy could result in disciplinary action from the College.

For more information: Financial Aid Bookstore Purchasing Policy

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