Financial Aid

Awarding Aid

The Financial Aid Office authorizes the student's financial aid to be directly credited (disbursed) to his or her college account. The Business Office determines college charges and then coordinates disbursement with the state's Office of Treasury Services.

The disbursement process begins after the end of the full refund period. Any remaining funds, after college charges are subtracted out, are mailed to the student. Students typically receive these remaining funds approximately 6 - 8 weeks into the semester.

Alternative (Private) Loan Checks

Alternative loan program disbursements are typically received in the form of a check made co-payable to the student and the institution. You must endorse this co-payable loan check(s) at the Business Office before the loan can be disbursed to you.

Paying the Balance Due on your Student Account

When financial aid awards are not enough to satisfy the balance due, the remaining amount must be paid from personal funds at the time of registration. Federal Work-Study amounts may not be deducted from the balance due since this money must be earned in a work-study job and will be disbursed in the form of a paycheck on a bi-weekly basis once the semester begins.


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