Blackboard IM Workshop and Registration Form

Time: Friday July 26, from 8:30am to 4:00pm (Breakfast and Lunch will be provided)
Location: Webber Hall 312
Presenter: Dr. Brian Finnegan (from Blackboard, Inc.)
Registration Form: Click here to Register the Workshop

Blackboard IM Workshop Agenda: This workshop is designed for VWCC Faculty and Staff to use Blackboard IM to support learning interaction and communication. The morning session (from 9am to noon) is designed to focus on VWCC faculty members to use BB IM. And the afternoon session (from 1pm to 4pm) is designed to focus on VWCC staff to use BB IM. Click here to View the Detailed Workshop Agenda

What is Blackboard IM:

Blackboard Collaborate Enterprise IM (aka Blackboard IM) is an instant messaging tool used at VCCS colleges. Blackboard IM includes advanced features such as video chat, screen sharing, and a robust whiteboard, which allow everyone at our institution to collaborate and communicate quickly and easily.

Top Blackboard IM Features

These are some of the most helpful features of Blackboard IM:

  • Chat to communicate quickly and efficiently with your classmates.
  • More natural communication with one-on-one or group conversations.
  • Collaboration to share ideas with others.
    • Screen Sharing for real-time display of any document or application on your computer.
    • Whiteboard to harness the power of visual instruction.
    • Web Tour to share webpages.
  • Web Conferencing: to use Blackboard Collaborate web conferencing for a full online classroom.
  • Office Hours to create a focused setting where classmates and contacts can line up for individual attention.
  • Tutoring/HelpDesk: for virtual assistance from the administrative services at your institution.
  • Broadcast Notifications for institution-wide alerts.