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Safety Procedures

See Campus Police Website (http://www.virginiawestern.edu/police) for:

  • Campus Safety Video
  • Parking Regulations (Revised May 2012)

See Crisis Management Section of VW Connect for:

  • Bomb Threats (within Crisis Management Plan)
  • Continuity of Operations Plan (under Library of Documents)
  • Crisis Radio Usage Information (enter on Search line)
  • Crisis Management Plan (under Documents list)
  • Emergency Coordinators & Assembly Areas
  • Evacuation Procedures (under Emergency Protocols)
  • Fires (under Documents list)
  • Hostile Situations (within Crisis Management Plan)
  • Media Relations
  • Regional Pre-Disaster Mitigation Plan (under Library of Documents)
  • Victim Services & Referrals
  • Violent Weather (with Crisis Management Plan)
  • VW Alert Signup

See Information & Educational Technologies Section of VW Connect for:

  • Business Impact Analysis & Risk Assessment

See Human Resources Policies and Procedures Section of VW Connect for:

  • Campus and Workplace Violence Prevention Policy (Including Weapons Policy)
  • Hazard Communication Program
  • Identification Card Policy
  • VWCC Workplace Harassment Policy

First Aid

First aid kits have been installed in numerous locations around campus to facilitate ease of access. A list of those locations and kit contents is provided. Campus Police will inspect these kits on a monthly basis and report to departments need for replenishment. Departments are responsible for replenishment. These kits have been installed to provide for treatment of minor injuries. When rendering first aid assistance please be conscience of the potential for transmission of blood borne pathogens, such as HIV and Hepatitis.

Band-Aids should be given to the injured party for self-treatment of minor cuts and abrasions. College personnel other than those trained as medical emergency first responders are not expected to render treatment in situations that might expose them to blood or body fluids, which may contain blood borne pathogens. If an employee chooses to assist, then they do so under the "Good Samaritan" law and are not covered by the provisions of OSHA regulations or the college's "Exposure Control Plan". Rubber gloves are provided in the first aid kit for use in such instances. Remember to turn the gloves inside out as you remove them to avoid contacting with blood. Gloves and first aid supplies that contain blood must be disposed of in a manner consistent with blood borne pathogen best practices.

If assistance is needed in treating a cut or an injury of a more serious nature occurs, please contact Campus Police at 857-7979 (Ext. 77979) or dial 911. Campus Police and other college personnel have been trained for basic first aid response with certification in CPR and use of the Automated External Defibrillator (AED). They are trained to treat injuries involving blood and can render assistance until a rescue squad is dispatched. A list of personnel so trained is attached for your reference. If Campus Police cannot be reached, you may contact Roanoke Emergency Services by dialing 911. Emergency telephone numbers are posted on all telephones.

For those facilities off-campus, faculty and staff should become familiar with the procedures in place at that particular facility for obtaining first aid. If an injury requiring first aid occurs, request the local rescue squad by dialing 911, preceded by the number to access an outside line if the telephone system so requires. Make sure you know how to gain access to a telephone, particularly if working in the evening when administrative offices may be closed.

First Aid Kit & Safety Equipment Locations

Main Campus

Building Location Room Equipment
Anderson Copy Room A114C First Aid Kit
Dental Lab A145 First Aid Kit
Chemistry Lab Tech Office A307 First Aid Kit
Classroom A309 First Aid Kit
Biology Lab Tech Office A331 First Aid Kit
Brown Boiler Room N/A First Aid Kit
Learning Center B011 First Aid Kit
Restroom B105 First Aid Kit
Book/Workroom B114 First Aid Kit
Business Science Workshop M101 First Aid Kit
Kitchen M120 First Aid Kit
Auditorium Stage Right First Aid Kit
Auditorium Stage Left First Aid Kit
IET M270 First Aid Kit
Chapman Student Services Work Area First Aid Kit
Records Office Front Desk Drawer First Aid Kit
College Services Campus Police CS101 First Aid Kit
Mailroom CS105 First Aid Kit
Sprinkler Room   First Aid Kit
Craig Bookstore Rear Storage Room First Aid Kit
Duncan Adjunct Faculty Offices Mailroom D100 First Aid Kit
Fishburn IE Office/Back Corner F110 First Aid Kit
Academic Affairs Storage Room F125A First Aid Kit
Greenhouse     First Aid Kit
P.E. Building Office Area PE101 First Aid Kit
Student Center Work Room S102 First Aid Kit
Student Activities Office S204 First Aid Kit
Thomas Center Work Room G109 First Aid Kit
Work Room G209 First Aid Kit
Webber Division Office Mailroom W305 First Aid Kit
Classroom W110 First Aid Kit
Classroom W117 First Aid Kit
Classroom W118 First Aid Kit
Classroom W122 First Aid Kit
Classroom W223 First Aid Kit
Motorcycle Bldg East Side   First Aid Kit

Pool Cars

Vehicle Assigned To Department Equipment
Chevrolet Colorado Campus Police Campus Police First Aid Kit
Ford Crown Victoria Campus Police Campus Police Frist Aid Kit


Building Location Room Equipment
Franklin County Workforce Development Center Computer Lab FC27 First Aid Kit
Greenfield Education & Training Center Green Room GF110 First Aid Kit
Storage GF116 First Aid Kit
Lower Mechanical Room GF117 First Aid Kit
Lounge GF119 First Aid Kit
Multi-Purpose Room GF125 First Aid Kit
Heavy Manufac. Welding Area GF129 First Aid Kit
File & Work Room GF207 First Aid Kit
Prep Kitchen GF214 First Aid Kit
Communications GF219 First Aid Kit
Upper Mechanical Room GF220 First Aid Kit
Roanoke Higher Education Center Industrial Training RH114 First Aid Kit
Industrial Training Storage RH114C First Aid Kit
Claud Moore Educational Complex Culinary Arts Kitchen Bathroom First Aid Kit

VWCC Alerts

We use VW Alert to immediately contact you during a major crisis or emergency.

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