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Campus-Based Grant Coordinator for the Support for Pregnant & Parenting Teens (3PL) Grant


The purpose of the Support for Pregnant & Parenting Teens (3PL) campus sub-award is to strengthen the academic achievement of pregnant and parenting students at Virginia Western Community College, resulting in an increase in the rates of retention, graduation, transfer to four-year institutions, and/or attainment of a workforce credential. This is a one-year Virginia Department of Health sub-award grant. (Note: There is the option of applying for two, one-year extensions.)

The Campus-Based Grant Coordinator reports to the Coordinator of Advising and Retention and provides operational leadership for the implementation of the Support for Pregnant & Parenting Teens (3PL) campus sub-award.

The incumbent in this position will connect pregnant and parenting students, including men whose partners are pregnant, to a variety of resources to include: education services, health services, social services, counseling and/or other support services for sexual assault, domestic violence, or stalking. The Campus-Based Grant Coordinator will also focus on improving services for pregnant and parenting students at Virginia Western Community College who experience domestic violence, sexual assault, or stalking and to strengthen the awareness of these challenges.

The Campus-Based Grant Coordinator will coordinate all aspects of grant implementation, such as:

  • conducting a college-specific needs assessment;
  • recruiting, training and supervising at least one Pregnant or Parenting Peer Liaison (3PL);
  • developing strategies to accomplish grant goals;
  • conducting internal and external evaluations for continuous program improvement;
  • completing quarterly and annual reporting;
  • developing events and programming;
  • peer-counseling with an emphasis on education and making referrals;
  • educating the college community about the program to include marketing and publicity;
  • collaborating with the 3PL Grant Director, Program Specialist, Program Evaluator, and the VWCC Grants Office staff on key strategies supported by the grant, as well as individuals and groups impacted by the project.

Functional Responsibilities

  1. Provide day-to-day coordination and management of the college’s 3PL grant to include direct responsibility for adhering to the terms and conditions of the grant and facilitating activities that will result in achieving the outcomes for the project.
  2. Collaborate with the Statewide Director, Program Specialist, and Program Evaluator on key strategies
    supported by the grant; contribute to the development of data collection and tracking instruments, program policies and procedures, and college-level needs assessments; assist with identification of appropriate expertise for the state-level council of advisors; and contribute to the development of policies and procedures regarding pregnant and parenting liaisons.
  3. Provide leadership for key tasks such as project management, records management, preparation of fiscal and progress reports, marketing, recruitment and placement, communication, and measurement of progress and outcomes.
  4. Identify gaps in programming and document existing college programming regarding domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking, including that conducted in compliance with the Clery Act.
  5. Develop and implement events and programming.
  6. Interact and coordinate with individuals and groups impacted by the project:
    • Local community partner organizations
    • Campus Academic and Student Affairs offices
    • VCCS System Office and related groups
    • High school Career Coaches
  7. In collaboration with other college departments, provide oversight for the development and maintenance of a project website and outreach materials.
  8. Develop and implement an annual working calendar that ensures timely submission of reports and that the process occurs with the appropriate input, support, and approval of college and grant staff.
  9. Ensure timely submission of required reports to federal and state agencies.
  10. Recruit, train and supervise at least one Pregnant or Parenting Peer Liaisons.
  11. Perform other tasks related to the grant project as assigned by the Coordinator of Advising and Retention.

Required Qualifications


Master's degree in health promotion, health education, counseling, social work, nursing or a related field from a regionally accredited college or university.


Experience executing a grant-funded project. Knowledge of and experience with federal, state, and local human services and health-related agencies. Experience working collaboratively with a diverse array of individuals. Excellent oral and written communication skills. Ability to create, organize, and evaluate activities and written materials. Knowledge of word processing and spreadsheet applications

Preferred Qualifications


A record of successful leadership in a higher education setting, preferably in a community college environment. Demonstrated understanding of and belief in the comprehensive mission of community colleges. Familiarity with HIPPA, ADA and 504 concerns, and FERPA regulations.


Varies, to include annual overnight travel within Virginia and daytime travel within Virginia. May include out-of-state travel for training purposes.


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