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Dean of Academic School

Position Numbers: FA113 - Business, engineering & Technology; FA102 - Liberal Arts & Social Sciences; FA017 - Natural Science, Mathematics & Health Technology

Reports to: Vice-President of Academic & Student Affairs (FA010)

Supports the college mission, vision, and values, and ensures that strategic planning, assessment, and improvement activities are implemented at the school and departmental levels. Communicates with the Vice-President of Academic and Student Affairs on any and all proposals for new or revised program initiatives that may impact the school, other departments and/or the college and to insure that new or revised initiatives are in accord with the mission of the institution. Proposals discussed and approved will be presented jointly to the College President for final approval.

Assists students in achieving academic goals through academic advising, counseling, and retention activities; implementing and participating in student success activities; referral to appropriate student services; certification for graduation; resolution of problems and conflicts; and upholding college policy.

Provides leadership and coordination of school activities related to curriculum development and implementation in accordance with VWCC, VCCS, and SCHEV policies and procedures; programmatic and individual course offerings and scheduling; assessment and improvement of academic programs and learning outcomes in conjunction with the Institutional Effectiveness Office; and collaboration with other academic schools of the college to meet student needs.

Engages in leadership, management, and assessment activities with school faculty (full time, adjunct, dual enrollment, and distance partnership faculty when applicable) to facilitate utilization of best practices in pedagogy and applications of educational technology; promote student persistence and success; promote individual professional growth and development; foster collegiality; and fulfill the division and college mission.

Engages in leadership, management, assessment activities, and evaluation of school staff to ensure operation of the division in a manner that is supportive of students and faculty needs; provides quality customer service; and fulfills the mission of the school and the college.

In conjunction with school faculty and staff, assesses school needs for faculty, staff, resources, equipment, and technology in relation to school goals and learning outcomes; participates in the college budget process, inclusive of ETF monies; manages the school budget; and seeks external funding through grants, public-private partnerships, or other sources as indicated by need to support school activities and in accordance with established processes as set forth by the college.

Collaborates with other academic schools, Student Services, and the non-academic offices/departments of the college to support students and promote student success efforts.

Serves the college community through participation on college committees, upholding college policy, and representing the college within the VCCS and the broader community to include service on local committees and boards.

Collaborates with WDS coordinators to establish and support workforce training and lifelong learning opportunities.



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