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Administrative Officer for Research & Assessment

Position Number: FA045

Reports to: Dean of Institutional Effectiveness

This position is an integral part of the college-wide assessment and planning efforts under the Dean of Institutional Effectiveness. Principal areas of leadership and support include the design and implementation of projects, surveys and research in service of curricular and co-curricular assessment of student learning; intervention design and outcome measurement for the improvement of learning; assessment data collection, management and reporting in service of institutional effectiveness. Provides support for the design and implementation of course and department level assessment of student learning. Conducts and coordinates qualitative and quantitative professional research and statistical studies in support of student learning in relationship to the College's plan for Institutional Effectiveness. Serves in a professional staff capacity to the Dean of Institutional Effectiveness. The position is subject to significant communications with the College President, Vice-Presidents, Deans, college faculty and staff and a wide variety of State and VCCS officials. Periodic reports are made to the Local Advisory Board regarding institutional effectiveness issues.


Institutional Effectiveness, Research and Planning. Directs and administers the college's strategic plan and Achieve 2015 which includes the development and review of college-wide institutional goals and departmental operational goals. Establishes the timetable for plan updates and reviews. Documents the progress towards institutional and departmental goals. Recommends changes in policies and operational procedures as deemed appropriate and recommends strategies for the continued positive development of the College. Researches, collects, develops and provides data to assist in determining the educational needs of the Virginia Western Planning region and assists appropriate staff in transforming those needs into viable educational programs and services. Coordinates cooperative planning, research, and evaluation activities within the College, and between the College and the VCCS. Prepares reports of research findings in the form of reports, research briefs, newsletters, memoranda, and other communications. Collects, analyzes, summarizes and reports institutional research data. Disseminates institutional effectiveness data via the college's online Fact Book, the IE website and other resources as developed. Develops reports required of the College, and provides information and technical support for grant proposals and research projects. Serves as central repository of statistical reports, and serves as technical consultant to the faculty and staff in research activities related to their various functions or programs. Serves as the point for referral of requests from administrative and instructional faculty or from outside the college, for research data, e.g., questionnaires from educational and governmental agencies. Prepares reports as required by the VCCS, SCHEV, IPEDS and other agencies, to include facilities space utilization reports. Communicates with college grant development officials, faculty and staff on the development of grant proposals and provides research oversight to a comprehensive college-wide institutional review board for the submission of federal grants.


Student Assessment and Academic Program Evaluation. Develops and coordinates implementation of procedures and programs to measure and document student achievement for the purpose of improving instructional outcomes, in accordance with legislative mandates and accreditation criteria for instructional effectiveness; provides continuous leadership and technical support for assessment activities; provides analyses of assessment methods and results, and prepares assessment plans and reports. Directs and administers VWCC's Plan for the Evaluation of Academic Degree Programs. Coordinates the activities of evaluation teams established for the purpose of analyzing the nature of the academic programs. Recommends and conducts research programs, projects, and studies of College programs, services, and activities including, but not limited to, student services, program evaluation, instructional evaluation, student enrollment patterns, student profiles, instructional costs, faculty data, management policies, student outcomes assessment and program planning. Anticipates and creates data for institutional planning for budgeting, faculty productivity, regional demographics, strategic planning and initiatives, and other institutional needs.



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