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Blackboard: Tips for Taking Online Exams

  • Ensure that you have a reliable Internet connection while taking the exam. Interrupted network connections may cause problems when attempting to submit the exam. We recommend an ethernet connection and not a wireless connection.
  • It is very easy to get "locked out" of your exam and have your responses submitted prematurely. Here is how to avoid being locked out:
    • Do not close your exam window
    • Do not browse to another Web page during the exam
    • Avoid opening and using other applications during the exam
    • Do not leave your exam opened for more than 3 hours. Your Blackboard session will time out and you won't be able to submit your exam.
  • Be aware of your instructor's directions for completing the exam. Is there a time limit? Are you allowed to take the exam only one time or more than once?
  • Remember to press the Save and Submit button at the end of the exam when you are ready to submit your responses.
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