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Adobe Presenter: Publish an Adobe Presentation

Publish to a Local Computer

If you want to preview your presentation before publishing to the Adobe Connect server, you can publish your presentation to your local computer at any time.

  1. Select Publish from the Adobe Presenter Menu
  2. Select My Computer on the left side of the Publish window.
  3. By default a new folder with the same name as the presentation is created and placed in your My Documents\My Adobe Presentations folder. This folder contains all of the presentation files, such as audio, video, and images. Using the Browse button, you can choose a different location to save the folder.

    Publish to Local Computer
  4. Click Publish to publish this presentation to your local computer. If you checked the check boxes next to Zip Files and Generate Autorun for CD on the Output Option, you will only see a zip file in the destination folder. You can deliver this zip file to students directly or burn it on a CD and deliver it later. Otherwise, after the publishing process finished, you can click on View Output button to view the published presentation immediately.

    View Output

Publish to the Adobe Connect Server

  1. Select Publish from the Adobe Presenter Menu
  2. Select Adobe Connect on the left side of the Publish window . If this is your first time using Adobe Connect, you need to click Server Settings, name the server, and provide the URL of Adobe Connect server (http://live.virginiawestern.edu).

    If you used Macromedia Breeze before, you should have the server set up already and you do not need to make any changes on the settings of the server.

    Publish to Server
  3. If you Selected Server Settings button,  Adobe Presenter Preferences window appears. You can add, edit, and delete the Adobe Connect Servers to which you want to publish the presentation. Let’s click Add to add a new Adobe Presenter server.
  4. In Add Adobe Connect Server window, enter the name of this Adobe Connect server and specify the correct, full URL path to the server.

    Name: VWCC Adobe Connect Server
    URL: http://live.virginiawestern.edu

    Add Server
  5. After you have filled in the information for the Adobe Connect server, click OK, Add, and Close.
  6. Before clicking Publish, you can check the Presentation Information on the right side of the Publish window. You can change the options (such as Presentation title, presenter name) by clicking on Settings.

    Presentation Settings
  7. You can change the theme of your presentation by clicking on the Theme pull-down menu.
  8. If you want to publish the presentation source files (PPT and PPC) along with the SWF file, select Upload Source Files to the Server.

    Upload Files to Server
  9. Click Publish and the Adobe Connect Login screen appears.
  10. To continue publishing your Adobe Presentation, login to the Adobe Connect Login screen.
  11. After you have successfully logged into the Adobe Connect server, you can save a presentation by creating a new folder or selecting an exiting folder.
  12. Name the new folder and click Save and then select Publish to This Folder.

    Publish to This Folder
  13. Entering presentation information in the Content Information window: You need to enter a unique name for the presentation in the Title text box. You can create your own URL in the Custom URL text box and type a short description of the presentation in the Summary text box or you can just leave the URL text box empty and Adobe Connect Server will create one for you with letters and numbers.

    Presentation Information
  14. After filling in the content information, click Next to set up the Access Permission by clicking Customize.

  15. In the Set Permission dialog box, you can select Yes or No for allowing public viewing.

    Set Permissions

    Note: Since your students do not have Adobe Connect accounts, if you intend for them to view this presentation you must choose Yes to allow public viewing.
  16. If you choose No to allowing public viewing, you need to select users from the Available Users and Groups list and click Add users to view your presentation.

    Choose Viewers
  17. After selecting the access permission of the Adobe Presentation, click Next to finish the publishing process. Then click OK. Informationa bout your Adobe presentation appears.

    Presentation Results
  18. You send the URL of your presentation to students through email or by posting it to Blackboard. Students can access your Adobe Presentation through the URL.
  19. If you selected Upload Source Files to the Server in the Publish window, the PPT, PPC, and zip files are automatically saved in your Adobe Connect Content library. To access these files, go to Content > Download Content, and select the file you want to download.

    Download Content
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